Preschool Business Foundations For a Brighter Future

Preschool Business Foundations For a Brighter Future

Opening a preschool is a venture that promises profitability while contributing to society. According to a report by Statista, the Indian preschool market was valued at 3.8 billion USD in 2022. A preschool as a business shows a lot of promise, but you need to have solid preschool business foundations to make it a success.

The nuclear family setups in tier 1 cities make this a recession-proof business model. 

Parents are anxious about their kid’s first steps outside the house. They want to establish a solid foundation for them, and that is why they are not hesitant to spend a considerable amount of money on their preschooling.

Before you open your preschool, make sure you have established these foundations. 

1. Business Model

You need to decide which business model your preschool will follow. You can either start a completely new preschool or open the franchise of an already-established one.

Following the franchise model reduces risk as the brand name is already established. The franchisor also provides you with expertise, operating software, and helps you scale the business.

You can open a franchise of ‘The Shri Ram Wonder Years’ with the help of SR Educare

Our team will help you set up your school and in no time, you will be nurturing excellence. 

2. Location 

You need to do market research and decide which location will be the best for your preschool. This is one of the most important preschool business foundations and it determines whether your business will be a success or not. You should go for easily discoverable locations. Tier 1 cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Pune are a great option. 

3. Curriculum

Focus on factors like the mission, vision, and age groups of your students to finalize a curriculum.

If you want your students to experience hands-on learning, then you may choose the Montessori curriculum. On the other hand, if you want students to actively learn from empirical evidence, then the High Scope curriculum will be suitable for your school. 

There are many types of curriculums you can follow, but the final call is yours!  

4. Hiring qualified teachers 

Your school’s curriculum is worth nothing if you do not hire the right staff. Make sure to hire qualified, passionate, and experienced teachers. If they are experienced with the curriculum of your preschool, then that is a bonus.

The net worth of your preschool is decided by the teachers since they are the ones who are providing the experience. Hiring the right teachers is one of the most crucial preschool business foundations.

Most preschool teachers in India have a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) in Early Childhood Education. Keep this in mind during the hiring phase. 

5. Rules and guidelines

Your preschool should have certain rules and guidelines that every student and parent has to follow. Kindly add these guidelines to the brochure and the contract. 

Here are a few examples of guidelines that most preschools have: No running in the hallway, hitting others is not allowed, kids must raise their hands before asking a question, etc. 

These rules will set the culture of your preschool, and that is why it is one of the most crucial preschool business foundations

6. Activities

A preschool is not a place that focuses on theoretical knowledge only. The key is to involve students in activities that develop their skills. 

You can organize activities like running, jumping, climbing, and kicking to develop balance. 

Games like fancy dress help kids learn about the different roles of adults in society. 

Creative projects such as puzzles and experiments develop problem-solving skills. 

You need to decide which activities you will be conducting in your preschool and buy equipment accordingly. 

Preschool business foundations lead to success 

Running a preschool is a serious business because you have the power to shape future minds. 

Parents leave their kids in preschools with the confidence that their kids will be safe. It is not a responsibility that one should take lightly. That is why you should be prepared for the same. 

You should do the groundwork before starting operations. Take some time to speculate on your business model, hire the right staff, invest in infrastructure and equipment, create a curriculum, perform market research, create a brochure, and more.Doing all of this alone can be confusing and that is why SR Educare is there to help you. If you need any help in establishing the preschool business foundations, please reach out to us.

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