The benefits of parental involvement in early childhood education

The benefits of parental involvement in early childhood education

Today, parents are more involved in their children’s education. When kids go to a preschool, parents should be involved in their education when they come back. The regime of dropping the kids and then picking them up is not going to have a positive impact. Here are the benefits of parental involvement in their child’s preschool education with preschool franchises

1. Child Development- Parents who participate in their children’s education encourage their child’s physical, cognitive, and social development. Children flourish when they feel like they are getting constant support from their parents. 

2. Academic Success- Studies show that active participation in your child’s early education correlates with their academic success. Children perform better and attend school frequently if their parents are involved in their preschool education. Of course, their academic success also depends on the preschool franchises parents choose. 

3. Unique perspective- Parental involvement ensures that the child’s education is given a unique perspective. They can offer insights into their kid’s emotions. Parents can start effectively communicating with the teachers and provide them information about their child. 

4. Smoother Transition- By actively participating in the preschooling of their kids, parents can reinforce ideas and morals that are taught in school. Kids can understand these things in a better way if there is some continuity between home and school. Additionally, it also allows a smooth transition between the two environments, providing the kids with a unique sense of security. 

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5. Long lasting consequences- Parental involvement in the education of their young children has long-lasting consequences that will affect them even after they leave the preschool franchise. According to research, kids whose parents participate in their early schooling are likely to succeed in higher education. 

6. Parental Empowerment- Participating in early childhood education increases parent’s knowledge about their child’s developmental stages, educational techniques, and available resources, which empowers them. Parents can only assist their children if they learn about their needs. 

Ways to Encourage Parent’s Involvement in a Preschool Franchise 

Both children and parents benefit when parents participate in their kid’s early education. 

Here are a few tips for parents of kids who are going to a preschool: 

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1. Stay in touch frequently- Create a constant communication route with parents. Inform them about the child’s development and other upcoming events. You should keep important events like conferences happening in the school along with special newsletters. 

2. Greet parents with grace- Give the parents an opportunity to witness their child in the classroom. Your preschool franchise should greet the parents with grace. 

3. Involve parents in decision making- You should consider parents for every change you make in your preschool franchises program. This includes asking them for their thoughts on the curriculum, timetable, and other activities. 
4. Recognize success- A good preschool franchise recognizes success of kids who perform well and put in the effort. Your preschool should also honor parents who put in the effort for their kids.

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