What are the safety checklist for a preschool?

What are the safety checklist for a preschool?

Sending your child to a renowned preschool is a huge milestone for a parent. There is a lot of excitement but there is also a touch of worry. Parents worry if their little ones will be safe and secure in their new learning environment. Thankfully, you can evaluate a preschool’s safety level by using our checklist. 


  • Cleanliness: Does the preschool have a cleaning staff that cleans the classes and sanitizes the toys? The last thing you want is germs getting in the way of your kid’s education.  
  • Playground Safety: Are playgrounds well-equipped with age-appropriate structures? Is there proper cushioning under equipment? Are there areas that are protected from the sun? 
  • Fire Safety: Are fire exits clearly marked and easily accessible? Does the preschool conduct regular fire drills? Fire Safety is one of the most crucial parts of a safety checklist for a preschool
  • Security: What is the state of the security system of the preschool? Who has access to your children? Is the help staff properly vetted and approved? 
What are the safety checklist for a preschool


  • Student-Teacher Ratio: For a good education, you need a healthy student-teacher ratio. A teacher shouldn’t be teaching a class with more than ten kids. Only then can they provide them with quality education and focus on their safety. 
  • Staff Qualifications: The preschool staff needs to have certain qualifications to ensure that they are qualified to take care of your kids in stressful situations. Are they first aid certified? Can they perform CPR? Many people ignore this pointer in the safety checklist for a preschool, but this is one of the most crucial factors.

Health and Hygiene 

  • Handwashing: Does the preschool have handwashing stations for your kids and the staff? Do they provide a strong emphasis on it? Washing hands regularly is necessary to be safe from illnesses. Good preschools focus on this. 
  • Food Safety: Are the meals prepared in a hygienic manner while maintaining the nutritional value?  
Safety checklist for a preschool


  • Open Communication: Today it is extremely important for preschools to provide regular updates to the parent’s about what their kids are doing. Many schools also provide the parents with access to their cameras.  
  • Emergency Procedures: Does the preschool have a clear plan in case of emergencies? Are parents informed about these procedures?

Investing in your child’s future

Before you make a decision about sending your child to a preschool, you should use our safety checklist for a preschool. By carefully assessing preschool safety measures, you can select a learning environment that prioritizes your child’s well-being.Take your time when choosing a preschool for your child. Visit several facilities, meet the staff, and ask questions to ensure you feel comfortable with the environment and safety protocols. Look for a preschool that prioritizes your child’s physical and emotional well-being. This will be the best for your child and for your own ease of mind.

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