Our Initiatives

The Shri Ram Wonder Years Preschool creates a nurturing environment that encourages holistic growth and development for each child. Their team of dedicated educators and support staff work in strong partnership with parents to facilitate the development of essential skills and learning styles, channelizing the abilities of each child. The school's focus on learning through play fosters confident individuals with a positive approach to learning, allowing each child to develop their own personality within the framework of the school format. The school's motto "Wonder Imagine Discover" serves as a beacon for all their efforts, with the learning experience revolving around the child being at the centre of all, with teachers serving as facilitators. Their pedagogical approach is tailored to accommodate the distinct needs and learning styles of each student, creating a safe and nurturing environment that promotes each child's learning and development. The Shri Ram Wonder Years Preschool believes that each child is special, and it is their greatest satisfaction to see their teachings culminate in a profound understanding and realisation within the child.